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The body of this pen was handturned from an hybrid wood and acrylic blank.  The base of the blank is Red Box Elder and filled with Blue acrylic with copper flake.  It is such a gorgeous pen!  The  manufacturer of the pen kit describes it in this way:


"We've attempted to capture the formal opulence of the Victorian Era with this extravagant, elaborately designed and absolutely striking pen. Inspired by the European Baroque sensibility, this pen incorporates a profusion of intricately cast decorative motifs including scrolling foliage, garlands and flowers as decoration. The bands feature a stylized acanthus leaf design further showcasing inspiration from the natural world. The finished pen has a bit of heft and provides a substantial writing feel."


Pen is shipped with a velvet sleeve for storage and protection in shipping.  

Check out our Black Pen box with Satin for an extra special gift presentation.

This pen features black ink and takes Parker style refills.


Black Ink Ballpoint (Parker Style).


***We do our best to accurately capture the colors of the pens with our photographs.  However, due to different calibrations of monitors and other viewing devices, colors may vary slightly from what is pictured.***


Pewter Victorian Twist Pen - Blue/Copper/Wood Hybrid

SKU: 69
  • This pen is made of acrylic and has been hand-turned and polished to a bright finish.  It may be subject to scratches and dulling if not cared for properly.  The pen is shipped with a velvet sleeve that will help protect it in shipping and may be used for storage purses.  It may be cleaned with a microfiber polishing cloth to remove fingerprints from the finish.

  • This pen takes Parker Style Refills.

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